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1. How long will it take to receive my paekage?
Allow 4-7 business days for processing time & shipping. Please note NO
shipments on Sundays & Holidays

2. Do we offer same day local pickup?
Yes, we have hair on hand! Please send us a message through email or text us
at (516) 360- 3735

3. Can I straighten, curl, dye & bleach my hair?
Yes! We provide high quality 100% virgin hair

4. How long will my hair extension last?
Our last will last over 2 years depending on how well you maintain it

5. What type of hair care products do we recommend?
We recommend that you use quality shampoo, conditioner and styling
products. Heavy oils & too many styling products are not recommended as it may
cause a buildup of too much product in your hair
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